I wrote you a book!

A few years ago me and my friend Nick were talking, I started telling him how I sold sandwiches at 13 and saved to buy my first car, how I started my first company at 21 and made millions, how I lost those millions and had to borrow rent money from mom, how I rose from the ashes and built an online empire afterwards and he was like: "Vladi, you blow my mind my friend, I haven't met anybody with a life like yours, you have to write a book or I won't be friends with you any more LOL" I was still running my offline company at that time and did not have the time to do it, but about six months ago I said: "fuck it, I'm starting the book right now, I want to tell people how to build million dollar companies no matter where they are and what situation they are in..." and there it is - "Getting Rich The New School Way" is the result. I have done a lot of stuff, have created a lot of products, have done a lot of good, have served a lot of people, but have never done anything that makes me as proud as this book. If it doesn't blow your mind I'll meet with you and let you kick me in the butt LOL.

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