5 Crucial Money Laws To Consider When Building A Business

money laws

Are you familiar with the 5 money laws very few people online follow?

What you are about to read on this page is going to make you “money friendly”. When I first got rich at 22 I though it was enough to only have money…

well, I was wrong.

I learned those 5 money laws the very hard way by losing everything several years ago and decided to put up this page so you can really get how money works the easy way.

Money law one : Money is not a goal, money is a tool for achieving goals!

We live in a world where money is the main measure for success and wealth… or at least that is what most people believe. Reality is that money is only a resource to buy stuff. The real measure for success is when you do the things in life you like and use money to achieve those things.

All poor people, or those who struggle making money have only one goal – to make money. Not only is this sad, but it doesn’t lead to happiness. You start making money the moment you start using it as a tool to achieve your actual goal, which should be to serve or help people in any way.

Let me give you a quick example here:
When I was 21 I started my first company. The idea behind it was to offer people very cheap and at the same time very tasty and quality breakfast food. I did it and made several millions. People were happy, I was happy because they were happy and the money started flowing in.

Money Law Two – Money and emotions don’t go along!

The second of the money laws is the one that almost every person on the planet gets wrong. Emotions are extremely important to live a happy and fulfilling life, but when you mix them with business and money things can get really ugly.

It doesn’t matter what you are thinking right now… if you follow your emotions in your money-making process, you will most likely struggle. I see so many people trying to make money out of fear, or desperation, or frustration, or because somebody told them an amazing story that made them feel good, or any other stupid thing like that and can tell you none of these people actually makes decent money.

It’s a whole different story when you feel happy about your awesome revenue that came from selling an amazing product or service. Make sure you can tell the difference.

Money Law Three – Respect Money

It might be only a tool, but this tool stands behind every successful business, so once you get a hold of it, you should respect it and use it wisely.

Money Law Four – Put money into work!

Don’t work for it, but let it work for you. Money is the best worker, and could be your best help. The moment you start following this law, you will become wealthy big time. It’s a misunderstood theory that you should work your butt off in order to become rich… no such thing at all.

You should put money to work for you and see how good it is at multiplying itself. That means to buy assets, which are business, real estate and paper.

What I just said doesn’t mean to be lazy or anything… you still have to do a lot to be wealthy. What I wanted to say is you don’t have to kill yourself to make 5 bucks. In fact the richest people on Earth work the less… those like Donald Trump who work all they long actually do it because they love what they do.

Money Law Five – Never feel bad talking about money!

This is a big one right here. I really have no idea where this comes from, but so many people believe talking about money is bad. This is sooo wrong that I even get mad a bit about people having such a broken belief system. What I think is people feel bad talking about money because they don’t want to be seen as greedy… but knowing what you want and greed are two different things.

Talking, wanting, making, spending money is awesome and nobody has to feel bad about it. Feeling bad about money is going to ruin your life and make you poor.

moneyI decided to leave a whole separate tab on the menu for the money topic, because these days everybody is online to make money and most struggle, and one major reason for this is not understanding how money works.

Education in business areas like money, marketing, teams, business systems, assets is the first and most important thing any person should start with. Some were born familiar with those components, and these are the natural businessmen, but most people have no clue about any of them.

Now you have a straight to the point and neat article about the money laws, spend more time on our blog and you will be solid.

Wish you luck and thanks for reading!