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action plan After  you picked the one affiliate program (click here) really worth promoting, you will need a traffic generation action plan.

Action Plan Definition

It is vital for you to understand very clearly selling makes you money, not having the perfect system to promote, or the best looking site, or whatever. One thing only you should concentrate on - sales. Not even traffic that much….

you can have 10 visitors a day and make more money than a site that has 100. In fact most people have a lot of traffic, but can not sell. They feel bad when they sell. If you feel the same way, change that. People love to buy, it’s a proven fact… you just have to know how to introduce your offer to them.

The Action plan is what will define what amount of sales you will have… the better it is, the more sales you will make (obviously). It is the process you go through to achieve the results you want.

I’ll give you a very powerful and proven action plan to follow, but you should know you can always tweak it according to your skills, needs or conditions. You can always come up with an action plan of yours, if you think it fits you more.

Action plan worksheet

You have already bought Empower and have finished the part where most people fail – choosing the right offer. Now you need a marketing plan to promote your offer and get as many eyeballs on it as possible.

I personally do not admire activities that produce tiny results for the time spent doing them, which is why I don’t recommend forum signature marketing, blog commenting and low-budget work like this.

Let’s jump into the essence of marketing – blogging. As you know, the internet is built around content.

Blogging is the only way to build a massive community and you should know communities start movements. You have to blog often, and to do this you need to have a lot of information on your mind. Which means you have to read often too.

Your content should be ridiculously interesting. Since the internet is already crowded, you have to tell people something different, if not that different – it should at least be published your style. After you publish your content you have to spread it all over he internet the best way you can…

or syndicate if you will. Syndicate is a fancy way of saying share… what you do is, take your piece of content and post  it  on other sites with a link back to the original.

Press release sites, document sharing sites, social media sites, blogs are all places you can share your content. To automate the process and get serious about it you need the following tools:

linksalpha, onlywire, Tribe Pro, WP link Boss and DripFeedBlasts

The first two are kind of the same – you use them to syndicate your content to about 80 networks(both tools), including social networks, bookmarking sites, blogging platforms and sites.

Tribe Pro lets you share other people’s content, and submit yours to be shared in return. The real power of this tool is when you automate the whole process.

Wp link Boss is a WordPress plug-in that lets you syndicate your content onto thousands of accounts.

DripFeedBlasts is not a syndication tool, but a powerful tool to automate your content promotion.

You have to be careful with those tools though, as they work well when used right just like everything else.

Let’s sum up: Read daily; Blog Daily;  Syndicate your content; 

Proceed to Action Plan, Part Two. 

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