Article Marketing The Way You Have To Do It These Days

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Article-MarketingArticle Marketing Will Always Be Huge

I will not fall into any details how it used to be, how the directories lost authority, because they didn’t carefully select what content they accepted, so they got over-spammed by marketers for easy backlinks…

No, this was before and it’s long gone… now many article directories who kept content submission to them more strict are still a high authority traffic sites. Here are the top 20 article directories:


Now Let’s talk about how you have to do article marketing to get the most out of it.

First of all you need to get somebody to write the articles that you are going to submit. It’s a huge waste of time to write them all by yourself. You can also use PLR articles… whatever works best for you.

But try to go as fast as possible. The only place that should get much of your time is your money blog. Everything else is just ways to get traffic to it. OK, after you get all those articles ready for submission, publish them on several of the top authority directories with a link back to your site/offer in the resource box.

This way you will get some traffic from the directories and several juicy links pointing to your offer/site. For this step you can also publish a cool piece of content on your site and then carefully rewrite it several times by hand for submission to those top directories. Either way is fine, as long as you post readable and quality content to them.

The following is what I call article marketing on steroids. Not A lot of people do this strategy, because they are satisfied with only the traffic they get from finishing the first step. But let me show you how to actually get massive rankings and traffic using what is probably known to be the cheapest marketing method – article marketing.

Now it’ time for mass submission, the way it is supposed to be done. Get a tool like Article Marketing Robot (which by the way is the best on the market) and mass submit  spun articles to whatever directories, linking back to those first tier authority directories. This way if you go after a decent keyword you will have to get at least one of your articles published at step 1 on the first page.

Not only this, but those spammy second tier backlinks, will not get you penalized by Google, because the first directories are kinda like a filter that cleans all the spam form the second tier backlinks.

So now you get massive traffic to the first tier directories, which all point back to you money site/offer.

This is how you do article marketing. You will not only get traffic from directory visitors, but you will get traffic from search. When you are done with this process, you can carefully use AMR to submit to directories with a link back to you main article on your own blog. But this is recommended if only you have a high authority domain. Even then it’s a good idea to hand-spin each article.

And they say article marketing is dead… LOL. Don’t listen to such people. I doubt it they know what they are talking about. Article marketing will always be a major way to get traffic. You just have to be smart about it.

I hope you liked my article marketing strategy and if you don’t understand anything, use the contact form. Share this if you like it and good luck.

PS. Leave me your thoughts as a comment and let me know how this strategy worked out for you. 

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