How Direct Traffic Isn’t As Expensive As You Think

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direct traffic

Direct Traffic or paid marketing if you will is the fastest way to get sales.

You have all kinds of ways to market as you already saw reading our blog, but the direct traffic that you get from paid marketing is the fastest way to start making some money, to be able to reinvest in SEO, or to hire a team – basically to build your business properly.

For this purpose you will need about $1 000 + a month for PPC and solo ads… may be some banner ads if you want. But less than that is only going to make you uncomfortable and will not get you the results you want.

Here’s the action plan for direct traffic I would recommend.

Go to and find reliable vendors to buy solo ads from. If you don’t know what a solo ad is, search our blog. This directory was specially made for the purpose of having a place with reviews about vendors which makes it easier for them to sell and for the buyers to find quality.

If you don’t like anybody there just search Google, but always talk to the vendors before you purchase. Solo ads are the fastest way to make something happen, so if you have the budget, do it.

You can also check out They are one of the best media buying companies online.

Direct traffic Action Plan – PPC

PPC is the ultimate way to jump-start your business. Come up with about a 1 000 bucks and go to Microsoft Adcenter. Bing is a big deal, don’t think it’s only Google online. A lot of people use Bing, and the beautiful thing is fewer people use it to advertise… which means this:

- Lower prices

- Better results

Why better results? you may ask and here’s why…

Since there are fewer ads around, there are less spam ads, and people find those Bing ads to be more reliable and real… so they click them more confident to get what they want. These are only my results and testings… if you find Google, Yahoo, or any of the rest better – cool, use them and don’t forget to come out and share your results.

PPC is all about getting clicks for the right price. Here’s how to get very cheap clicks out of Facebook:

The next thing you can do to get direct traffic is place some banner ads here and there. Go to the top sites in your niche and look for somebody to contact. Don’t run ads on some low traffic sites, only to go cheaper.

Postcards Marketing for Direct Traffic

The traffic out of postcards might not be that direct, but it is a good way to get people to you site or offer. Go here, or find some place else to get that service and send out your postcards.

There are a lot of ways to get direct traffic, but I think what is listed here is more than enough, if not contact us and let us know what you need.

Proceed to Action Plan 4 

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