SEO vs PPC [Part Two] – SEO vs PPC Inforgraphic Included

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Image source: SEO vs PPC

Not too long ago I wrote the post SEO vs PPC where I suggested PPC for starting out… while SEO for the long run.

I still believe PPC is the better alternative for jump-starting a business since it provides almost instant results. You need to grow fast online, as things move with the speed of light in Internet Land.

The best answer to the question SEO or PPC is this:

Pay per click is a must when starting out and the way better option. It will provide immediate results and help you grow your business to the point you will have the authority and money for proper SEO.

Optimization is crucial for monetizing, yet is takes a lot of skill, money and time… and most importantly – authority. The one thing Google cares the most nowadays is authority, both – domain’s as well as author’s, additionally backlinks’. That’s why they even started Google plus to be able to monitor who has the most authority to be on their page one.

So now to run decent SEO campaigns, you first need to get yourself an authority domain and get some high PR backlinks to it. You also need lots of awesome content. When just starting up a business, all this might be quite a big challenge.

You can not expect to build a five pages site, run a few SEnuke campaigns and get top rankings. It’s how it worked before, not now though.

All the above said means one thing – SEO calls for a lot of money. Why not spend it on PPC and get leads out of the first 100 clicks you get…

Once you are at that point you have all you need to start with SEO, you can add it to your marketing plan.

SEO will bring you traffic forever, when done right. You might wanna see some natural link building strategies that will help you a lot with it. Some of them are quite slow though…

As a matter of fact, slow is exactly how you should consider SEO. Sites like SEOmoz and Business Insider and the like might be able to rank in several days… not a regular domain though.

Let’s talk a bit about PPC

In my personal opinion PPC along with solo ads are the fastest way to get results with your business. Both of them need upfront money however the ROI comes in fast… when you know what you are doing of course.

It’s a good idea to run PPC campaigns constantly, and not only when starting out. For laser targeted traffic Facebook is the better option.

SEOvsPPCInfographic provided by

Conclusion on SEO vs PPC

PPC is the better alternative when you want results fast, consequently it is the better option for starting out.

SEO on the other hand is an extremely powerful long-term traffic source. It takes a lot of money and skills, however it is still the best method to get traffic to your site, leading us to thinking SEO is a must once you build your business at least a little and have the authority and money for it.


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